General Options

The General tab allows you to specify the Flash output of your quiz: title, destination, and composition.

Publish Presentation to My Computer

Table 1. Destination Options
Option Description
Quiz title A title for your Flash quiz. It will be displayed in the Player.
Local folder A local folder, FTP server, or email depending on where you want to publish your Flash quiz.
File name A name for the output .swf file.

Table 2. Flash Output Options
Option Description
Generate HTML iSpring generates a simple HTML web page with the Flash movie that simplifies publishing it on the Web. To view the presentation, run the index.swf file in the output folder.

You have an option to generate HTML or XHTML

Generate EXE file If selected, iSpring QuizMaker generates an executable (.exe) file with the Flash output. It can be displayed everywhere, even if you don't have the Flash Player installed. To view the presentation, run the .exe file in the output folder with the name that you specified while publishing.
Zip output Select this checkbox if you want to compress (zip) your Flash quiz.
Note: Flash quizzes are always zipped, when publishing to Email.

Table 3. Flash Movie Properties
Option Description
Width Width of the Flash movie.
Height Height of the Flash movie.
Auto size When this option is disabled, the output Flash movie and its player will be scaled to the window size. When enabled, the Flash player will be resized to the window, preserving the original size of its controls.
Flash version Choose the Action Script version for the output Flash file. AS3 is faster, so choose AS2 only if you really need this feature, e.g. for compatibility reasons.
Frame rate This option specifies the frequency at which frames are produced.
Background This option allows to select a background color for your quiz.