Adding and Deleting Questions

To add a question to your quiz:

  1. Click one of the question icons in the Add Question section of the product toolbar.

    Add Question Toolbar
  2. Type your question in the Question field right under the toolbar.
  3. Customize question text style with Rich Text Editor and add media resources to it.

  4. Add one or several choices to your question in Answer/Details area. You can maximize this area to have more space while working with long descriptions or large images. When panel is maximized, you can simply restore its original size to see question details.

  5. If necessary, uncheck the Use default options checkbox and change defaults.

    Quiz Option Area
    Option Description

    Use default option

    Uncheck the Use default options checkbox to override the Question Defaults settings. Select this checkbox to apply default settings (1 attempt; 10 points awarded for each correct answer; shuffled answers; partial answer - not allowed).


    Specify the number of question attempts available.


    Specify the number of points given for a correct answer.

    Shuffle answers

    Select this checkbox to show answers in the shuffled order.

    Allow partial answer

    Select this checkbox to treat partial answers as correct ones.

    May skip

    This option appears only for survey questions. If you select this option, survey participants will be able to skip this question without answering it.

    Allow setting answer score per answer Select this checkbox to set custom score for two question categories: Multiple Choice and Multiple Response. You can manually define the score (%) that a user will receive for each answer.
  6. If necessary, change feedback settings for the question.

To delete a question:

  1. Select a question in the list on the left side of the QuizMaker window.
  2. Click the Delete Selected button in the left bottom corner of the product window.


    Press Delete on your keyboard.

    Delete Question

  3. Click Yes in the confirmation dialog.

NOTE: you can select several questions by holding down the CTRL or SHIFT keyboard key while you select questions with the mouse.