What's New in iSpring Pro 6

iSpring Pro 6 has been improved considerably, now featuring advanced protection, enhanced narration recording opportunities and ability to generate e-learning courses.

Flash presentations created with iSpring Pro6 are now made even more attractive with brand-new fully customizable player. The detailed description of new features is provided below:

Recording and synchronizing audio/video narrations with Narration Editor

With iSpring narration recording opportunities you can beautifully express your main ideas and show your individual presenting approach. With Narration Editor you can record and import audio and video narrations, edit or mute audio/video clips, synchronize easily with slides or even animations and preview the narrated presentation with the click of your mouse. Easy to use and learn, Narration Editor also provides unique opportunity to synchronize a single video file with the whole presentation.

iSpring Pro 6 what's new. Powerfull Narration Editor.

More Player Layouts in Presentation Explorer

Another useful feature of the player is opportunity to set certain player layout for each slide of your project. With this feature you can choose to play the presentation back in the full screen mode and show the side bar only when it is necessary. Take advantage of the ‘Slide+Video’ layout that displays slide and narration video is a 50/50 proportion. Alternatively, you can emphasize your video with the ‘Maximized Video’ layout. The feature is especially useful to switch user’s attention between slide content and your video narration. 

iSpring Pro 6 what's new. More Player Layouts in Presentation Explorer.

Web Objects Insertion

With this feature you can easily insert any web page into your course to ensure quick access to a source of information or service online. Thanks to flexible settings of the feature, you can customize the size of the object, specify when the objects should be displayed, and turn off automatic slide transition for this certain slide.

iSpring Pro 6 what's new. Web Objects Insertion.

Enhanced protection features

To protect your Flash presentation from unwanted editing, disclosure or theft, take full advantage of advanced protection features. iSpring Pro provides multiple protection types, including watermark protection, password protection, domain restriction and time restriction.

Import and Export of Player Settings and Presenters

Now you can easily share your presenter info and customized player with your colleagues. This can be very useful if there are several presentation authors within an organization. You will need to adjust your corporate style only once and then export your settings. You can always import them to any computer and immediately implement your own style.

Even if your project includes many presenters, you can now conveniently save and share presenters profiles.  Also, the feature can be used to create a back-up copy of all customized settings and presenter info.

Action Script 3 support

iSpring Pro now features Action Script 3 support in the new *Advanced AS3* player, generating output Flash content on Action Script 3. It ensures far better playback of most transition effects, including 3D transitions. Action Script 3 support also provides opportunity to insert external Action Script 3 Flash movies into presentations.

Fully customizable brand-new *Advanced AS3* player

Take advantage of iSpring brand-new Advanced AS3 player with its fully customizable color and language scheme, numerous layout presents and Action Script 3 support. Player customization, available in the Publish window, allows you to adapt every item of the player to your idea of presentation design. iSpring Pro 6 what's new. Flexible player customiztion.

Marker Tool

Use Streamline’s marker tools to emphasize your point and illustrate the original idea. The player provides pen, highlighter and eraser – all easily accessible in the toolbar.

Removing Navigation Buttons

Now you can disable the navigation buttons to ensure a student takes your course on a unit-per-unit basis or in the logical order predesigned by you. You can remove some or all of the following buttons: ‘Play/Pause’, ‘Previous’, ‘Next’.  Controlled navigation together with course branching scenarios and trigger animations support makes your e-learning courses more interactive and efficient.

Slide Notes as Closed Captioning

Now you can use the notes to your slides as closed captioning. The feature displays notes under the slide in your Streamline player.

Learning Management System compliance

iSpring Pro 6 now allows generating e-learning courses that can be integrated with any Learning Management System, compliant with SCORM/AICC standards, including Moodle, Blackboard and SumTotal. For especially rapid sharing, upload courses to iSpring Online LMS straight from PowerPoint.

If you are publishing AICC or SCORM 1.2 courses, you can set the completion status that will be sent to an LMS. This feature allows rating a course as passed/failed or complete/incomplete.