Controlling Volume of a Clip

You can adjust audio volume of any audio or video clip in your presentation individually.

To enable volume adjustment for audio and video clips, you should enable the Clip Volume option. See Timeline Options for details.

Every audio and video clip on the timeline contains a straight line that indicates its audio volume.

To adjust audio volume of an audio or video clip:

  1. Move the mouse cursor over the audio volume line.

    Mouse pointer will change its shape to a double-pointed arrow.

  2. Drag the audio volume line with your mouse up or down to adjust the volume of a given clip.

    Current audio volume will be displayed in the tooltip.

Mute Clips

You can mute the entire track as well as individually for each clip.

To mute the entire track, click the Mute audio track or Mute video track button.

To mute a clip, right click on the clip and select the Mute option in the drop-down list.