Recording Video

You can record a video narration for your presentation using a web camera.

To record video with your camera:

  1. Click the Record Video on the toolbar.

    The Record panel will appear in the bottom of the screen.Record panel

  2. You can place the cursor to the position from which you want to start the sync process using the Slide Back/Forward buttons on Record panel.
  3. If you want to synchronize only one slide, select the Process current slide only checkbox.
  4. Click the Start Record button.

    Your presentation will start playing.

    The Start Record button will be replaced with Next Slide/Next Animation/Skip Transition buttons depending on the coming element in your presentation.

  5. Click the Next Slide/Next Animation/Skip Transition button in the appropriate moments.

    When there are no more animations and slides left in your presentation, the Start Record button will be replaced with the Stop button.

  6. Click the Stop button.
  7. Click the Done button to save your video recording and quit the Record mode.


    Click the Cancel button to discard your video recording.

Sometimes you may need to record a short video fragment without syncing it with the presentation. In this case it will be more convenient to use the Record Video button right on the video track on the timeline.

To record a video fragment:

  1. Move the cursor on the timeline to a position where you want your video clip to start.
  2. Click the Record Video button on the timeline.

    The program will begin recording from the installed web camera.

  3. Click the Stop button on the timeline to stop recording.