Previewing a Presentation

Narration Editor offers two ways to preview your presentation:

To preview a presentation withou transitions and animations:

  1. Click a timeline to select a position from which you want to start the preview.
  2. Click the Play button on the toolbar.

Your presentation will start playing from the cursor position on the timeline. This mode is useful to preview your narrations.

When you want to see how well your narrations are synced with your presentation, you will need a full preview of your presentation with all animations and transitions.

To preview a presentation with all transitions and animations enabled:

Narration Editor will open a Preview panel, and your presentation will start playing from the beginning of the selected slide.

Table 1. Preview Panel Options
Option Description


Click this button to start/stop the presentation preview.


Use these buttons to control presentation playback (start, pause, stop).


Use these buttons to jump to the next/previous slides.


Click this button to quit the Preview mode.