iSpringAS3SDK.Presentation Interface

The Presentation Interface represents currently opened presentation. It exposes the following properties and methods:

Table 1. Properties
Property Value Type Access Default value Property description
BackgroundAudio BackgroundAudio Read only   Returns a BackgroundAudio Interface providing presentation background audio customization facilities
Object object Read only   Returns a PowerPoint.Presentation COM object which provides properties and methods for accessing the presentation
Title string Read/Write   Presentation title
SlideHeight int Read/Write   Slide height in pixels
SlideWidth int Read/Write   Slide width in pixels
Slides Slides Read only   Returns a Slides Interface that represents a collection of presentation slides
XmlContentFile string Read/Write   Specifies a file name, where the presentation XML description will be stored after conversion. If this property is an empty string, no XML description file will be generated
Presenters Presenters Read only   Returns Presenters Interface that represents a collection of presentation presenters
HasDefaultPresenter bool Read only   A Boolean value indicating whether the presentation has the default presenter.
DefaultPresenter Presenter Read/Write   Default presentation presenter.
Table 2. Methods
Method Method description
void Close() Closes the presentation
void RemoveDefaultPresenter() Removes the default presenter