Version Property


The Version property returns the PPT to Flash SDK version in the following format:

<major version>.<minor version>.<maintenance release>.<build number>


string (read only)


You can use the Version property to determine if the PPT to Flash SDK of the required version is installed and the version-specific functionality is available.


The following examples display the PPT to Flash SDK version.

VB Sample

Private Sub iSpringSample()
    Dim pc As New iSpringAS3SDK.PresentationConverter

    MsgBox "iSpring SDK Version is " & pc.Version
End Sub

C# Sample

using System;
using ISpringAS3SDK;

class iSpringSample
    static void Main(string[] args)
        PresentationConverter pc = new PresentationConverter();
        Console.WriteLine("iSpring SDK version is " + pc.Version);