LicenseNumber Property


The LicenseNumber Property stores the license number of the iSpring copy.


String (read/write)


The LicenseName and the LicenseNumber properties are used to pass the iSpring Platform license details to the PresentationConverter Object and remove evaluation mode banner from generated Flash presentations.

The detailed information about purchase of the iSpring Platform license can be found on iSpring Purchase Page.


The following samples illustrate how to pass license details to the PresentationConverter Object and generate a solid Flash file without evaluation banner.

VB Sample

Sub iSpringSample()
    Dim pc As New iSpringAS3SDK.PresentationConverter

    pc.LicenseName = "John Smith"
    pc.LicenseNumber = "BVTCR-BYD21-ZPTDR-4BPQM-940M9-KN4XQ-KP"

    pc.OpenPresentation "c:\test.ppt"

    pc.GenerateSolidPresentation "c:\test.swf"
End Sub

C# Sample

using System;
using iSpringAS3SDK;

class iSpringSample
    static void Main(string[] args)
        PresentationConverter pc = new PresentationConverter();

        pc.LicenseName = "John Smith";
        pc.LicenseNumber = "BVTCR-BYD21-ZPTDR-4BPQM-940M9-KN4XQ-KP";

        pc.GenerateSolidPresentation("c:\\test.swf", "", null);