iSpring Presentation Structure

Each iSpring generated Flash presentation consists of the following parts:

Presentation assets

Presentation assets are various multimedia resources contained within a presentation. When a presentation is a solid Flash file, all resources are stored within this file optimized for progressive downloading from the Internet. Otherwise resources of each slide are stored in a separate file.

Presentation player core

The presentation player core is a main component of the presentation which loads the presentation assets and controls playback of slide transitions, animations, sounds, and videos. The player core exposes the Flash Presentation ActionScript 3 API (the ActionScript 3 API or the API), a set of ActionScript 3 classes and interfaces providing programmatic control over the presentation playback and navigation.

Rich Media Applications written in ActionScript 3 for Adobe Flash Player 10.1 and higher can use this API for loading the iSpring generated Flash presentations and controlling their playback.

Skin module

The skin is a component of a presentation providing user interface to presentation navigation and playback control via the API exposed by the presentation player core.

There is a number of predefined skin modules included in iSpring products installation folder. These modules provide various user interface and customization facilities.

iSpring Player SDK for ActionScript 3 allows custom skin development. You can find more information in the Skin Development article.