View Restrictions

You can control when and how many times users can view a content item. By default, restrictions settings are disabled and users can view your content anytime for as many times as they want.

To manage viewing settings: :

  1. Open View Restrictions tab on the Manage Content Item page.

    You will see the current View Restrictions status.

  2. Click the Change button.
  3. Activate one or both restrictions:

Number of attempts

You can set how many attempts to open and view content your users get:

• Activate the checkbox “Limit number of attempts”.

• Set number of attempts.

If the checkbox “Limit number of attempts” is not activated, the number of attempts is unlimited.

Content display time

You can set start date and end date, start time and end time when a content item will be available in a User Portal.

Note: Settings in View Restrictions tab are available for free private content only. If you sell content through iSpring Online, you can set up necessary settings on the E-Commerce tab.

Viewing restrictions cannot be managed for Public content. You can change content permissions to private and then specify viewing settings.