Share Content

Getting a Direct Link

You can distribute your content among users by sending them a direct link for viewing. To do this, please follow the instructions below:

  1. On the "Manage Content Item" page, select the Share tab. You will see a direct link to a given content item.

  2. Click the Copy button to copy the link to clipboard.
  3. Send the link using email, instant messenger, or a community web site.
Note: direct links do not change from the time content items are added and until they are deleted.

Creating a Launch Button

You can also place a button on your blog or web site that will open a new browser window and show your content item.

To generate code for a button:

  1. Click Create Button.

  2. Select Use standard button for a colored button with a text caption. In this caseyou can the following options to tweak:
    • Edit the Button caption field to change the text that appears on the button.
    • Choose a button color from the color drop-down menu.

    Or you can select Use custom image to act as your button.

    • Click the Browse button and choose an image file.
    • Click Upload.

      The uploaded image will appear in the preview window.

  3. Select Display window browser controls, if you don't want to hide them (e.g. Back, Forward, Home, Address bar)
  4. Select Allow user to resize the bar, if it's not critical to preserve the original dimensions of the player window.
  5. Click the Copy button to copy the code to clipboard.
  6. Integrate the code to your web page.