Replace Content

The iSpring Online web interface only allows you to replace Flash clips (.SWF) Flash videos (.FLV), audio (.MP3), and reference docs (.DOC/XLS/PDF). To replace the content of the above file types, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Select the Content tab in the title menu and you will see the "Manage Content" page with a list of the entire account content.
  2. Find the element that you would like to replace by paging, searching or tag filtering. For more information, see "Content Management".
  3. Click Manage on a content element title to open the "Manage Content Item" page.
  4. Hit Replace under the necessary content element thumbnail for the "Replace" dialog to appear.
  5. Click Browse... and select the file you are going to upload.
    Note: it will automatically filter your content to display only the files of the same type as you are replacing.
  6. Click Upload and wait until the process is completed.
  7. Click Done to get back to "Manage Content Item" page.