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You can download iSpring Pro from the Download page of the iSpring Solutions website. Please refer to iSpring Pro online documentation for more information on the trial version limitations, license activation, etc.

Use iSpring Pro to Publish Content to iSpring Online

Please follow a few simple steps to publish your content from iSpring Pro to your iSpring Online account.

It's necessary to specify your access parameters (account details) in order to upload your content to iSpring Online. The good news is that iSpring products automatically remember your parameters once you've entered them. You do not have to type them in every time you log in.

  1. In your PowerPoint window, open the iSpring Pro tab.
  2. Click the Publish button.

    You will see the "Publish to Flash" window.

  3. Open the iSpring Online tab.
  4. Click the Change button to open the "iSpring Online account details" dialog.
  5. Enter your Account URL, Email and Password that you use to access iSpring Online and click OK.
  6. Enter your content title, description and tags (separated by comma).
  7. Click the Publish button.
  8. The program will convert your presentation to Flash and then upload it to your iSpring Online account. Once your content is successfully uploaded, you will see the dialog "Uploading complete" that gives you options to either open your presentation in iSpring Online or to close the dialog.

If the content uploading process fails, please refer to the iSpring Knowledge Base, iSpring Community Forum or contact our Support Team.

Note: every element of your content has to have a unique title. If you put in the title that has been already given to any other element of your content, iSpring asks you to either replace the existing element of your content or rename the newly-uploaded file.