Invite People to View Content

To invite users to view your content by email:

  1. On the "Manage Content Item" page, open the Invite tab.
  2. Click the Invite button.
  3. Choose an organization from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select existing user groups and separate users, to whom you want to send invitations.
  5. If you want to invite new users, type their emails separated by commas in the Email Addresses field. If you invite new users to view a private content item, they will be asked to register and only then they will be able to view a given content item.
  6. Type your invitation in the Custom Message field. This step is optional, but it makes sense to comment on what you ask people to see.
  7. Click the Send Invite button. You will see a notification that invitation messages have been sent.

If you see a warning that the system failed to send invitation emails to some users, make sure that all email addresses are typed correctly in the Email Addresses field or in user profiles. If all addresses are correct, but the email still wouldn't be sent, contact our Support Team.