Change Tags

Tags are a powerful and useful tool to arrange content by themes. Tags can be added to a content item when it's uploaded from iSpring (see Publish from iSpring products) or via the web interface (see Publish content via web interface). Even if you didn't add tags from the very beginning, you can add them later on the Tags tab.

To manage tags, open the Tags tab. You will see all tags assigned to a given content item (if there are any) in the "Selected Tags:" pane. To add new tags or change existing ones, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Change button. Instead of the static "Selected Tags:" pane, the tab will show an input field to add new tags and the "Selected Tags" field, where you can delete existing tags or add tags used in other content items.
  2. To add new tags, which haven't been used in other content items, type them separated with commas in the input field and click the Add button.
  3. To remove tags, click a tag with the minus icon () in the "Selected Tags" field.
  4. To add tags that were already used in other content items:
    1. Click the Choose from existing tags link. You will see the list of existing tags in your account.
    2. Click a tag with the plus icon () you want to add.