Change Permissions

The entire content can be viewed only by Administrators and their assistants (Publishers) by default. To let common users (Private Viewers) view the content, open the Permissions tab on the "Manage Content Item" page.

You can grant public or private access to your content. The table below shows the differences between these access types.

Table 1. Permissions to view content
Content Access Who can view Who can change

Administrators, Publishers, Private Viewers

Anyone in the world with a link to the content

Administrators, Publishers

Administrators, Publishers

Private Viewers who were permitted to access the content

Administrators, Publishers

New content uploaded to your account has the private status by default. You can change it on the "Publish Settings" page in the Account Settings section.

To change permissions for a content item:

  1. Click the Change button. Radio buttons will appear to switch between access types of a given content item.
  2. Now you can choose between private and public access for a given content item. Public access has no parameters, while Private allows you to select user groups and separate users who are allowed to view this item.

  3. After you modify access parameters for a given content item, click Save. The page will hide edit elements and return to the view mode.
Note: Administrators and Publishers can view any content by default. These groups and users cannot be deselected.