iSpring Online is a multi-user system. After you create an account, you get your own private portal, where you can upload your content, create your own new users and give them the rights to view certain content. You can also create a number of assistants (Publishers), who will also be able to add regular users (Private Viewers) and upload content, though they won't be able to manage your portal for you.

User Roles and Permissions

iSpring Online offers 3 user levels: Private Viewers, Publishers and Administrators.

Private Viewers - users with the least privileges. They can only view allowed content and track their own activity history. All the new users are Private Viewers by default.

Table 1. User roles and permissions
Permission Private Viewers Publishers Administrators
Change personal settings (email, password) Yes Yes Yes
View Content Only permitted All content All content
Access Reports Only personal history All reports All reports
Publish, manage and delete content No Yes Yes
Manage private viewers No Yes Yes
Manage groups No Yes Yes
Manage publishers and administrators No No Yes
Change account settings No No Yes

Publishers - administrator's assistants, who can view the entire portal content, including all the reports. They can also upload new content, add new users (Private Viewers) and group them. To assign Publisher's rights to a regular user, add them to the Publishers group.

Administrators - users that get all of the system privileges. When creating an account, you become an Administrator by default. To create additional administrators, add them to a special Administrators group.

For more information, see “Manage Users” and “Manage Groups”.