Publishing Interactions

Once your interaction is ready, you can publish it to Flash:

  1. Click the Publish button on the toolbar.

  2. In the new Publish window enter a name for your interaction.

  3. Specify a publish location.
  4. Type a name for your output Flash movie in the File name field.
  5. Select the Generate HTML checkbox, if you want to generate a sample html page with your interaction embedded into it.
  6. Specify Flash movie properties.
    Table 1. Flash movie properties
    Property Description
    Width Width of the Flash movie.
    Height Height of the Flash movie.
    Auto size When this option is disabled, the output Flash movie and its player will be scaled to the window size. When enabled, the Flash player will be resized to the window, preserving the original size of its controls.
    Frame rate This option specifies the frequency at which frames are produced.
  7. Click the Publish button.

Your interaction will be converted to Flash. Now you can take a look at the sample html code to see how to embed your new interaction to your web site.