Directory Properties

To modify directory properties, click the Properties button on the toolbar.

Directory properties will open in a new window. Here you can change the default fonts and customize the look of your directory.

Table 1. Player fonts
Property Description
Title font Choose a font for the directory title.
Content font

Choose a default font to be used for text in your directory. When you change the default font, the program will ask if you want to apply the change to the content.

You can always change this font for selected text using the drop-down font menu on the toolbar.

Table 2. Glossary Properties
Property Description
Show alphabet Clear this checkbox to hide the alphabet for glossary navigation.
Generate automatically Select this radio button to generate the glossary navigation automatically using the first letters of your terms. That option may come in handy if you use terms in several languages.
Use a predefined alphabet Select this radio button and then choose a predefined alphabet from the drop-down menu. This way you will use a standard alphabet of the chosen language for your glossary navigation.
Use a custom character set Select this radio button and then type letters that will appear in the glossary navigation bar.

You can also save your string of letters as a custom alphabet for future use.

Hide unused characters Select this checkbox to hide characters that do not point to any term in your glossary. If you clear this checkbox, the glossary navigation will contain the full alphabet.