Compression Options

The Compression tab allows you to configure compression settings for your interaction. The lower the quality of images and audio/video objects, the smaller the size of your resulting Flash file.

Use Preset iSpring Kinetics offers two preset compression modes that optimize a Flash movie for the web with low or high connection speed. You can also create up to ten custom compression presets according to your needs.

Image Compression
Image compression If you choose "Smart compression" mode, all images will be saved, keeping their high quality and small size. Read more about Smart compression in the iSpring blog. Lossy compression will convert and save all embedded images to .jpg format. Lossless compression converts all images in your interaction with the highest quality.

Audio Compression
Audio compression Audio bitrate value is set to 96 kbit/s by default. You can manually change audio bitrate and publish audio with lower or higher quality according to your needs. Changing bitrate will affect the output file size.

Video Compression
Video compression You can choose one of the video quality presets offered by iSpring Kinetics. Setting higher or lower preset options will affect the output file size and video quality. To find accurate stream resolutions and corresponding bitrates, please check the Video Quality Table.