General Options

The General tab allows you to specify the HTML5 output of your PowerPoint presentation: title, destination, appearance and composition.

Publish window

Table 1. Destination Options
Option Description
Presentation title A title for your HTML5 presentation. It will be used as a title for your web page.
Local folder A local folder, FTP server, or email depending on where you want to publish your HTML5 presentation.
File name A name for the output .html file.
Zip output Select this checkbox if you want to compress (zip) your HTML5 presentation.
Note: HTML5 presentations are always zipped, when publishing to Email.

Table 2. Slide Range Options
Option Description
All slides Select this option if you want to convert the entire presentation into HTML5 format.
Selected slides This option will allow you to publish only selected slides from your presentation. Select necessary slides from within PowerPoint, then choose the Selected slides option and publish your presentation.
You can configure player, when you publish your presentation to HTML5. The Live Preview feature shows how your presentation will look after conversion.
Table 3. Player Options
Option Description
Show player panel Uncheck this option to publish presentation without any player controls.
Enable sidebar Uncheck this option to hide the sidebar.
Enable notes Uncheck this option to hide the Notes tab on the sidebar.