Advanced Settings

Use the Advanced tab to configure the options for PowerPoint to HTML5 conversion, specify the size of a presentation and edit compression settings for media objects.

Advanced Tab

Player Properties
Fit to window Scales the presentation up to fit the entire screen area of your browser.
Size Width and height of the output HTML5 presentation.
Scale Percentage of the HTML5 presentation size relative to the original PowerPoint presentation size.
Background You can choose a background color for the entire web page with the HTML5 presentation. Clicking the current color next to this option will open a standard window where you can select an appropriate color.

Note: Width, height and scale are related parameters and iSpring maintains the aspect ratio as you change one of these parameters. iSpring technology allows you to reduce the height and the width of the presentation without loss of clarity.

Multimedia Objects Processing
Advanced SmartArt processing This feature provides a higher quality of SmartArt objects and saves the animation effects applied to them. As this option uses Clipboard, it is recommended not to use Clipboard during the iSpring conversion process. Due to technical characteristics, some SmartArt objects may look or play a bit differently. In this case, the option may be turned off so that SmartArt objects are saved as raster images, but animations will be lost.
Enable slide video controls This option enables or disables a control bar that appears when a video object is played on a slide.
Extended compatibility

Check this option to turn on audio and video compatibility with Firefox and Opera browsers.  If this option is checked, iSpring Converter will generate additional audio and video files for Firefox and Opera browsers. 

Note: Enabling this option will increase the final size of the HTML5 presentation.
Media Quality
Image compression By changing the compression ratio you can choose the optimal balance between image quality and file size. With the highest quality all images are converted into lossless format (PNG).
Audio/Video compression You can set a higher or lower quality for audio and video, it will affect the size of output files correspondingly.