Adjusting the Outline appearance

The Outline is a list of slide names which can also include thumbnails. The Search field can be displayed in this section too.

To adjust the appearance of the Outline:

Table 1. The Outline options of the Universal player
Element Description

Enable Search

Select this check box to add to your presentation text search by title, content slides, and notes.

Show thumbnails of slides

Select this option to add the thumbnails to the slide in the list.

Display slide numbers

Enables automatic numbering of the slides in the list.

Highlight viewed slides

With this option on the slides visited by a viewer get highlighted. This behavior is appropriate for the courses that use scenarios with limited navigation.

Multilevel outline Display slides in the tree form to show the nesting structure. It does not have effect on presentation playback, however, it makes navigation much easier. See Presentation Explorer to learn how to arrange slides into multiple levels.

If the place to display the Outline is not set in the Layout settings, you will be prompted to specify its location.