Video Recording

You can record a video narration using a usual web cam and iSpring Presenter. Click Record Video and shoot your film.

iSpring Presenter record video

To record Video:

  1. Click Record Video in the Narration area in your iSpring toolbar to open the Record Video Narration window.

    Record video

  2. Choose the slide, where you want to record video, from the drop-down slide list.
  3. Click Start record to start video recording.
  4. Click OK to save the video or Cancel to discard it.
Table 1. Video Recording Options
Option Description
Slide drop-down list Choose the slide you want to record video for
Start record / Next animation/ Next slide/ Stop Click to start video recording/ Click to advance to the next animation/ Click to advance to the next slide/ Click to stop
Show slide notes Select this checkbox to show text notices for the slide
Process this slide only Select this checkbox to process one chosen slide only
Settings Click to select a video recording device
Left arrow button Click to go to the previous slide
Right arrow button Click to go to the next slide