Advanced Properties

Advanced Tab
Content Properties
Fit to window Scales the presentation up to fit the entire screen area of your browser.
Size Width and height of the output presentation.
Scale Percentage of the published presentation size relative to the original presentation size.
Background You can choose a background color for the entire presentation. Clicking the current color next to this option will open a standard window where you can select an appropriate color.
Note: Width, height and scale are related parameters and iSpring maintains the aspect ratio as you change one of these parameters. iSpring technology allows you to reduce the height and the width of the presentation without loss of clarity.
Multimedia Objects Processing
Advanced SmartArt processing This feature provides a higher quality of SmartArt objects and saves the animation effects applied to them. As this option uses Clipboard, it is recommended not to use Clipboard during the iSpring conversion process. Due to technical characteristics, some SmartArt objects may look or play a bit differently. In this case, the option may be turned off so that SmartArt objects are saved as raster images, but animations will be lost.
Enable slide video controls This option enables or disables a control bar that appears when a video or audio object is played on a slide.
Generate narration files for each slide

When the option is enabled, one narration will be cut into separate clips equal to the slide length.

By default, the option is disabled. Your narration will not be split into parts which ensure smoother playback at the slides change.    

Animations and Transitions
Preserve shape animations effects / Preserve slide transitions Clear these checkboxes to reduce the output file size, disregarding animation effects and slide transitions.
HTML5 Properties
Extended audio and video compatibility Check this option to turn on audio and video compatibility with Firefox and Opera browsers. If this option is checked, iSpring Presenter will generate additional audio and video files for Firefox and Opera browsers.
Note: Enabling this option will increase the final size of the HTML5 presentation.
Flash Movie Properties
Detach media content It makes sense to use these options, if you convert a presentation into a solid Flash movie.
Flash version Select the Flash Player version.
Frame rate The number of Flash frames per second. Low FPS is not recommended, because this can cause flickering in animations.
Disable Flash menu Disables the right-click menu and top menu in a generated Flash movie window.
Disable "Print" option Select this option if you don't want to allow the printing of your output Flash presentation. 'Print' option in the right-click menu will be disabled in the generated Flash file.
Add preloader This option adds a preloader to your Flash presentation, which shows a loading progress of the Flash presentation.
Note: HTML5 Properties are disabled if you publish your presentation to Flash. Flash Movie Properties are disabled when publishing Presentation to HTML5.