What's the difference between trial and full versions of iSpring Presenter?

iSpring Presenter evaluation version is fully functional and is absolutely equal to full version in terms of functionality and quality of content it produces.

The trial version carries only two limitations as follows:
  • it is valid for 30 days only,
  • it adds the iSpring banner to the lower part of slides or questions.

The iSpring trial version banner always has the name of the product it's been created with on it. Here is an example of what a trial version banner looks like when creating a Flash presentation with iSpring Presenter.
iSpring Presenter e-learning software free trial iSpring Presenter e-learning software trial banner
The trial version of iSpring has an extra Activate key icon on the iSpring ribbon:
iSpring Presenter e-learning tool toolbar
In order to start using a full version of the product, click Activate and insert your registration details received upon the purchase. Ther's no need to download any additional files! It's the same software you have used when evaluating, just the "unlocked", full version of it. Once the product is activated, the key button will no longer appear on the iSpring ribbon.
Note: To remove the trial banner from your content published with the trial version of iSpring, publish it again with the activated product.

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