Is it possible to control iSpring SDK generated files from the Flex application that uses ActionScript 3.0?


iSpring SDK version 6 and later provides the PPT to Flash SDK for AS3 component that allows to generate Flash files in ActionScript 3. The ActionScript API of iSpring created presentations can be accesssed directly from a Flex application.

Only if you are using iSpring SDK version 5 of earlier, please refer to the information below:

Flash presentations created with iSpring SDK 5 use ActionScript 2. Flash player allows the loading of AS2 Flash movies into AS3 Flash movies; however they will run in isolated environments - it is not possible to perform a function call from an AS3 movie to an AS2 movie or vice versa. Therefore, the ActionScript API of presentations generated with version 5 is not accessible directly to Flex applications.

The only way to perform an interaction between them is to use the LocalConnection class. It allows interaction between two Flash movies on one machine. It is possible to develop an SWF wrapper module in ActionScript 2 which will load a generated presentation and interact with it via its ActionScript API. On the other hand, this wrapper module will create a local connection and execute commands from the Flex application. It will also notify the Flex application about playback events (slide changed, etc.) via Local connection created by the Flex application.

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