iSpring QuizMaker requires Microsoft Equation when I click the formula button. How to fix this issue?

PRODUCTS:   QuizMaker

Most likely the issue occurs because some Microsoft Office components are not installed on your computer that is why iSpring QuizMaker cannot use Microsoft Equation for creating formulas. To settle the issue, do the following:

  1. Go to Control Panel, select Add or remove Programs;
  2. Find Microsoft Office application in a list and right-click on it;
  3. Choose the “Change” action in the menu;
  4. In the Microsoft Office window select the "Add features" option and click “Continue" button Add feature to Microsoft Office
  5. Add all Office Shared components and all Office Tools components (see screenshot below). If you cannot find any of the components in the list on your computer, you need to reinstall your Microsoft Office.Choose Equation editor to be installed
  6. Now creating formulas through Microsoft Equation in quizzes should cause no problem.

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