How is a trial version different from the full version?

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The evaluation version of iSpring Kinetics is fully functional and is absolutely identical to the full version in terms of functionality and quality of produced content.

The only two limitations of the trial version are:

  • 30-day period of use,
  • iSpring evaluation banner in the bottom left corner of the generated flash file.

Here is an example of what a trial version banner looks like in iSpring-created interaction:

iSpring Kinetics trial banner

The trial version of iSpring has an extra "Activate" button on iSpring ribbon:

Click Activate to register the product

To remove the limitations of the trial version, you need to purchase a license. Currently iSpring Kinetics is only available as a part of iSpring Suite.

To start using the full version of the product, choose the "Help" tab, click "Activate" and fill in the blank fields with the registration details you've received after purchasing the license. There's no need to download any additional files. You keep using the same software you were evaluating; only this time it is an "unlocked", full version of a product. Once the product is activated, the "Activate" button will no longer appear on iSpring ribbon.

Note: To remove the trial banner from interactions published with the trial version of iSpring, publish them again with the activated product.

If you still have any questions, please ask them in our Community Forum.