What Adobe Flash Player version do I have to have to play iSpring-created presentations?

Even though in most cases Flash Player 8 works fine, there are some reasons to use a more recent version of Flash Player:

  1. Streamline (AS3) or None (AS3) iSpring player template requires Adobe Flash Player 9 or higher as they play ActionScript 3 based Flash movies.
  2. A presentation contains an inserted Flash file on ActionScript 3 that can only be played with Flash Player 9 or higher. Please note that presentation can be converted with Streamline (AS3) or None (AS3) iSpring player templates only.
  3. The author of the presentation has specified a required version of Flash Player in the iSpring settings when converting it to Flash.

FYI: You can always download the latest version of Flash Player from the official Adobe website.

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