Publishing to Word allows you to save your quiz to the doc. format. As a result, you will get a Microsoft Word document will all questions, answers, and feedbacks of the quiz. You will be able to print the file and use it as a training handout during the classes, or upload it to a cloud storage, LMS or to an FTP server.  

To save a quiz as a .doc file, follow the instructions below:

  1. First, click Publish on the toolbar and choose the Word tab in the Publish Quiz window that will open.

  2. Then, type a name for your quiz in the Project name field.

  3. After that, select the destination folder for the output quiz. You can click the Browse... button on the right of the Folder field, navigate to the destination folder, and click Select Folder. Or just type the path to the destination folder manually.

  4. Now, select the format of the published quiz. To do this, open the Document format menu and select one of two options: For review or Paper-based test

    For review: the published document will contain all quiz slides with right answers already filled in, task texts, answer options, and feedback texts. This option is convenient for authors who want to check the quiz for possible mistakes on their own or delegate the review to an expert. 

    Paper-based test: this option will be the perfect choice if the quiz is held offline. Print the published document and you will get ready-to-go handouts for your students. The paper-based quiz misses right answers and learners are supposed to fill in the gaps or arrange the answers order manually.

    When choosing the Paper-based test format, you can specify how many different question sets you need. To do this, select or input manually a digit in the Number of versions menu.

    Creating different sets of questions is available only if shuffling questions is enabled.

  5. If you have selected the For review format, you will be able to configure the published quiz layout. To do this, click the link in the Print layout field and select one of the options: With slides screenshots or Without slides screenshots.

    With slides screenshots: the document will contain screenshots of the course images as well as the quiz questions and answers. 

    Without slides screenshots: there will be only text information available on the file.

  6. Finally, click Publish.

  7. In the window which will open after the publishing process is done, the following options are available: