If you added a quiz to your course, the Add Quiz plus icons will be replaced with the Quiz menu. In the Quiz Properties window, you can allow or prevent users from viewing presentation’s content after the quiz slide.

To edit quiz properties:     

  1. Click the Quiz button in the Object column
  2. Select the Properties option in the drop-down menu


In the Quiz Properties window you can specify when a user will be able to view slides after the quiz. 



Quiz properties

View slides after quiz

Specify when users are allowed to view slides after the quiz:             
  • At any time
  • After attempting the quiz
  • After passing the quiz

Allow user to interrupt the quiz

If this checkbox is selected, the user will be able leave the quiz and proceed to another slide.
Restart failed quiz when revisitingThis option makes a quiz refresh each time a user comes back to a slide with the failed quiz. Use this option to make users retake the theoretical material and give them a fresh start the next time they open the quiz.