You can add a course to the Catalog and select its category. 

  1. On the Edit Course page, open the Availability tab.

  2. Check Allow learners to enroll in a course from the Catalog and choose the category the course will belong to.

    If Learners need administrator approval to view this course is disabled, learners may right away add the course to the My Courses section of the user portal and start studying it. 

    If you check Learners need administrator approval to view this course, students will need to send a request to view it.

  3. You will see a request on the Dashboard page.

  4. Now you can accept or decline the application.

     If you decline the application, students will get notified of it in the user portal.

    If the request is approved, learners will also receive a notification.

    The course will appear in the My Section section of the user portal, and students will be able to view it.