Layouts define positioning for all of the content that appears on a question slide. Each layout is built with multiple blocks:   

  • Question
  • Answers
  • Media

The blocks borders are not visible in the final quiz.

It’s obvious that different question types, questions with video and audio files and text questions may have different layouts.

The new editor lets you select from nine built-in layouts* or create a custom layout.

Note: For the Intro slide, Result slides, Matching and Hotspot questions works only the limited set of built-in layouts. Anyway, you can create a custom layout for these question types.

Applying a Built-In Layout

By default, all questions have the Default layout applied. There are other standard built-in layouts that you can apply and use.

To apply a built-in layout to a question:

Once you click on the layout thumbnail, the layout will automatically be applied to a question. Text blocks and media resources will be organized according to the selected layout.


 If you have a wide horizontally oriented image and 4 answer choices in your question, it’s recommended to use a built-in horizontal two-column layout.


Text blocks and media resources that you added to a slide can be easily moved and resized.

If you want to reset their size and position back to the initial layout state, click the Reset button on the toolbar.