With iSpring QuizMaker, instructors have the ability to deduct points for incorrect quiz answers. Negative points may be used in all types of questions in graded quizzes.

If a user chooses an incorrect answer, penalty points will be subtracted from the total amount of points he or she earned. 

You can specify the amount of negative points in Quiz Properties -> Question Defaults -> Penalty. The penalty will be applied to all questions that use default settings. To indicate custom penalty points for a specific question, enter a penalty value in the Options tab of a question.

For two question categories: Multiple Choice and Multiple Response, a penalty can be applied per each answer choice.

To set penalty points by answer:         
  1. Choose Score by answer in the Options tab
  2. Specify negative points per each incorrect answer option. Penalty point should start with the minus sign. 

The score for the question will be a sum of the negative and positive points.