In the first place, you need to add a longread introduction. That will be the first part of the learners will see, that is why texts and design of the introduction should give everyone a strong idea about the longread inside content.

  1. Enter the longread title, specify its subject matter, and write a small abstract — a brief summary of the entire article. Into the abstract, you can add not only text, but also images, video, lists, statements, and exercises.

  2. The article will attract more attention if you add a cover image to the introduction. Click the Add Cover Image link, select an image on your computer, and click Open.

  3. If you change your mind and decide to replace the cover image with a more suitable picture, you can easily do that anytime. Hover the cursor over the picture and click Change Cover Image. Then, select a new file on your computer and click Open.

  4. You can set an overlay color for the cover image. This means that you cover it with a semi-transparent colored box. Also, you can edit the overlay color contrast — the difference between colors of the cover image and title. To start changing the cover image settings, hover over it and click Preferences.

    In the opened window, select the overlay color on the palette and manage its contrast with a slider bar. When you are totally okay with the cover image appearance, click Done.

  5. If you decide your longread doesn’t need a cover image, hover the cursor over it and click the trash icon. The cover image will be immediately deleted.