On the Edit user page, you can activate or block users. 

Active and Inactive Users Permissions

Being an active user means having access to the iSpring Learn account. The number of active users is specified within your plan, the number of inactive users is unlimited. If active users are outnumbered, all newly added users go inactive. 

Active users have access to the iSpring Learn account in accordance with departments they belong to.

Inactive users:

Inactive (blocked) users won't have access to the account, but they are visible to Administrators and Account Owner. Administrators can edit blocked users' profiles and activate them if needed. As soon as users are activated, their permissions are restored.

Note: Account Owner can't be blocked.

Activating and Deactivating Users

On the Edit user page, you can activate or block a user. To deactivate or activate, drag the User is Active toggle button to the Off or On position. 

Another way to activate or suspend a user is checking their name in the Users section and clicking Activate or Deactivate in the top menu. This method comes in handy since you want to activate or block multiple users at the same time. 

You can also activate or deactivate users through the context menu. Right-click a user's name and select Activate or Deactivate in the context menu. Or, check multiple users, then right-click and select one of the options in the context menu: Activate or Deactivate.