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Request Headers

X-Auth-Account-Url (required)Base URL of the account, e.g.
X-Auth-Email (required)Administrator/Publisher e-mail address.
X-Auth-Password (required)Administrator/Publisher password.
X-User-Portal-Enabled (optional, default: 1)0 or 1
X-Welcome-Title (optional)Welcome Title that will be displayed in User Portal.
X-Instruction-Message (optional)Instruction Message that will be displayed in User Portal.
X-Show-History-Reports (optional, default: 1)0 or 1
X-Courses-Sort-Column (optional)

Specify how to source sort courses in User Portal: by status, title or duration.


  • status
  • title
  • duration

After the request has been completed, the system returns the response with Code 200.