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When users finish your assessment or survey, they get to a special resulting slide with the      score the score details. Graded quizzes have two result slides: Passing Result and Failing Result.      Surveys  Surveys have only one result slide.

If you don't want to display the result slide, you can hide it by unchecking the Display        slide Display slide checkbox.

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You can add a custom message to the result slide to encourage students who failed the first      attempt first attempt or congratulate those who completed the quiz successfully. Additionally, you can      easily can easily configure the options that will be available to the students on the result slide.

To add info to the result slide:      

  1. Choose Result Slide in the list of questions.
  2. Type a header of the result slide.
  3. Choose options that will be available to the users on the result slide.
  4. Customize the look and feel of the result slide in Slide View.
  5. Add media, if necessary.


Show user scoreSelect this checkbox to display quiz taker's score.
Show passing scoreSelect this checkbox to display the passing score.
Show the “Finish” ButtonTurn off this option if you don’t want the “Finish” button to be displayed on                the on the Result Slide. Hiding the button is needed when there’s no possibility to close                close the window while taking the quiz (e.g. the user views the quiz on the local machine                or machine or in the browser – in that case security policy doesn’t allow to close the window).              
Enable Quiz ReviewSelect this checkbox to display the Review Quiz button after a quiz is                is completed. It allows quiz takers to browse the quiz and view their answers.
Show correct answersSelect this checkbox to display correct answers when a learner reviews the                the quiz, so that your quiz takers can compare their answers with the correct                onescorrect ones.
Enable detailed resultsSelect this option to show the Details link on the Results slide that will show                how show how a quiz taker answered each question.
Allow users to print resultsSelect this checkbox to show the Print button on the Results slide.


Note: Options may be different for the Passing Result and Passing and Failing Result slides. So when you        configure you configure these options, make sure you go through both slides.