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There are two preferences that you can set in the Scene Properties tab: scene color and scene score. 

Scene color

You can choose a color for each scene in the simulation tree. To illustrate, we used green, orange and red colors for scenes within one branch to separate one branch in the tree from another. 

To choose a scene color: 

  1. In the Edit Scene window, go to the Properties tab
  2. Select a color for your scene. 

Scene Score

You can set points for each individual scene. However, points won't summarize. If a learner goes through multiple scenes with different points set for each scene, he earns only the points set to the last scene where the simulation ends. 

That is why it's recommended to set points to the last scene in the branch. If the scene is scored, it gets the special icon  in the right upper corner of the scene box.

For assigning points to a scene: 

  1. Go to the Edit Scene dialog and switch to the Properties tab
  2. Type in the number of points (max 100) that you want to award to a learner in the Scene score field

In the example below, we set 100 points for the right answer (green branch), 50 points for almost right answers (orange branch) and 10 points for mostly wrong answers (red branch). 

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