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Click the Publish button on the toolbar to open the Publish Simulation window.

Other option is to open it from the Application menu. 


If you open iSpring TalkMaster from iSpring Suite but not as a standalone application, you can add the current simulation to your course by clicking Save and Return to Course on the toolbar and return to your PPT presentation. Or use the publish option in the Application menu.

The Publish Simulation window allows you to publish simulations in HTML5 and Flash format in a couple of clicks and tune appearance settings for the output simulations.

Destination Options

There are the following destination tabs in the Publish simulation window:

  • Web - Select this option to publish your simulation for the Web.
  • iSpring Cloud -  Send your simulation to the iSpring Cloud sharing service for public or private sharing.
  • iSpring Learn - Publish your simulation to the iSpring Learn LMS and track users' learning activities.
  • LMS - Select this option to prepare your simulation for uploading to an LMS.

Publish Options

If you want to specify individual settings to publish your simulation, go through the tabs on the Publish Simulation window:

  • General - destination and composition of the output simulation.
  • Compression - compression options for images.
  • Advanced - appearance, size and scale parameters for the output simulation.
  • Learning Course - e-Learning course settings.


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