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Since background is an essential element of your simulation that will influence your learners' involvement, you should be really careful when selecting the perfect background. iSpring TalkMaster offers a wide selection of realistic backgrounds for your simulations,

To choose a background: 

  1. Open the Edit Scene dialog and go to the Images tab.
  2. Click on the Background box. The Background Library will open up.

  3. Choose a built-in background from the library.
    You can select a background from the new iSpring Content Library. To do it, click Add From Content Library and choose a background in the library. 

  4. Close the window.

As a rule, a simulation displays only one event or takes place in one area. In most cases, you will be using one background for for the entire simulation. You have an options to choose a custom background for each scene. Just navigate to the background library and pick a new background.

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