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iSpring TalkMaster 8.1 now allows you to add your own backgrounds to put the learner in a familiar environment.

Adding a Custom Background

To add your own background: 

  1. Open the Background Library.
  2. Click Add Background and choose a background picture in the Open dialog.

The new background will appear in the Custom area of the Background Library. You can replace it with a new picture, export it or delete. 

Changing a Background

To change a background: 

  1. Right-click the thumbnail of the background in the Custom area and choose Change in the context menu.


Exporting a Background 

You can also export your custom background to import later or share with a colleague.

To export a background: 

  1. Open the Background library
  2. Right-click a background thumbnail in the list and choose Export in the context menu.

The background will saved as an image. 

Deleting a Background

To delete your custom background:

  1. Open the Background Library.
  2. Right-click the background icon and choose Delete in the context menu.

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