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iSpring Learn is a Learning Management System with great tracking and reporting capabilities. Naturally, it is perfectly compatible with iSpring QuizMaker quizzes and surveys.

Once you have finished editing your quiz or survey, upload it to iSpring LearnThe instructions below presume that you are connected to the Internet. Learn how to manually upload a quiz to iSpring Learn if your Internet connection is disabled.

To publish your quiz directly to iSpring Learn from iSpring QuizMaker:

  1. First, click Publish on the toolbar.

  2. Second, in the Publish Quiz window, choose the iSpring Learn tab. Click through the picture gallery and then click Start Now.

  3. Next, sign up for a free trial account. Enter your email, name and phone number and click Create Account.

  4. If you already have an account, click the Sign In link at the bottom, and enter your existing iSpring Learn account details (account URL, email, and password). 

  5. When you enter your account details, iSpring validates this data, and you will see your email address in the Account field.

  6. Next, click Browse... and select the destination folder. By default, your quiz will be uploaded to the general content list.

  7. Then, set up output options: 

  8. In the LMS profile field, click Customize if you want to specify additional quiz information like quiz author, description, etc.

  9. Select Upload source files if you would like to upload your quiz project file to iSpring Learn. 

  10. Finally, click the Publish button.

  11. iSpring QuizMaker will convert your quiz to online format, and it will be available for viewing on any device from a computer to a smartphone. The program will upload your quiz and it will appear in your iSpring Learn account.

    When the publishing process is successfully completed, a new window will open. To view the published quiz in the iSpring Learn interface, click Manage Content.

    You will see the presentation uploaded to your iSpring Learn account. From there, you can fully manage the course settings and assign it to users.

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