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Click the Publish button on the iSpring QuizMaker toolbar to open the Publish Quiz window. 

The Publish Quiz window allows you to publish quizzes in HTML5 format in a couple of clicks and output options for the published quiz.

Publishing Destinations

You can choose to publish your quiz for the following destinations: 

  • My Computer
    You can save the quiz on your computer in web-ready format for uploading and sharing later.
  • iSpring Cloud
    Publish your quizzes to iSpring Cloud sharing service for public or private sharing.
  • iSpring Learn
    This option lets you publish your quiz to iSpring Learn LMS and track users' viewing and learning activities.
  • LMS
    Select this option to prepare your quiz for uploading to an LMS.
  • Microsoft Word
    This option allows you to save your quiz to the doc. format.

Output Options

Specify individual settings to publish your presentation in the Output Options section:

  • Mobile App compatibility
    Publish your quizzes for iSpring Play mobile app to let your users download this quiz to their mobile devices and view them offline. 
  • Size
    Choose how the presentation behaves in a browser: the display size, and whether it adjusts to the size of the browser window or scales to the specified size in percent.
  • Quality
    Change the quality settings for images, audio and video files added to the presentation. The higher the quality, the larger the size of the published presentation.
  • Accessibility
    Create accessible content for users with visual impairments.
  • Document format
    When publishing a quiz to Microsoft Word, choose whether the output document will be formatted like a handout material for your students or will be an exact copy of the online quiz. The latter option is convenient for an expert review or spellcheck.
  • Print layout
    If you publish the material to Microsoft Word, specify if the output file contains slides screenshots or not.
  • LMS settings
    Customize your quiz for publishing to a specific LMS compatible with iSpring QuizMaker. 

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