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You can easily preview the entire quiz or survey to see how it will appear to learners. Additionally, you have the option to preview a particular question or question group.

To preview your quiz, click the down arrow on the Preview button and choose one of the available options:                  

  • Preview Slide (Alt + F5)
  • Preview Group
  • Preview Quiz (F5 on keyboard)

Also, you can right-click a question or a group in the question list and choose Preview Slide or Preview Group from the menu.

The selected slide, a group of slides, or the entire quiz will open up in a new window.

You can check how the quiz looks like on a tablet, smartphone, or computer.

Also, you can quickly jump to the selected slide by clicking on the Edit Slide button and make the necessary changes.

To start the quiz over from the beginning, click the Replay button.

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