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To create a quiz or survey, start iSpring QuizMaker 9 by double-clicking the shortcut on the desktop. Or, find the program in the list of programs on the Start menu.

After opening iSpring QuizMaker, you will see the Quick Start window. Here you can create a new quiz or survey, open recent projects, and get more information about the product.



Graded Quiz

Create a new quiz with graded questions.


Create a new survey or questionnaire.

Recent Quizzes

This is a list of quizzes that you've recently worked on.

To open a quiz that isn't in the list, click the Browse... button.


At the bottom of the window are links to additional resources for iSpring QuizMaker: video tutorials, user forum, help documentation, and technical support.

Also, you can create a new quiz from the Application Menu or the Quick Access Toolbar.

Creating a New Quiz from the Application Menu

  1. Click the QuizMaker button in the upper left corner of the toolbar to open the Application Menu.

  2. Click New in the Application menu.
  3. Then, choose a quiz type: Graded Quiz or Survey.


Creating a New Quiz from the Quick Access Toolbar

  1. Click the 'blank page' icon on the Quick Access Toolbar.

  2. Choose a quiz type: Graded Quiz or Survey.

After creating a quiz in any of the ways described above, the editor opens, where you can add new questions to the quiz. You can add both graded and survey questions to any type of quiz.

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