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If you have enabled sending quiz results to email, you will receive a detailed report every time when a user takes graded quizzes or surveys.

To modify general email settings and specific information about each question type that will be contained within the report, click the Customize button in the Properties -> Result -> Reporting area.

The Customize Quiz Report window will open.

To make a quiz report more informative, you can modify the following details:

  • Email Settings: From, Subject, Disclaimer

  • Specific Messages.

You can use different variables throughout the report message, which will be replaced with their respective values. Quiz variable must be surrounded by "%" characters. Otherwise, it will be defined as a string. Here is a list of the available variables.  


Quiz name
QUIZ_STATUSQuiz completion status: passed or failed.
TOTAL_TIMETime limit. Unlimited, if not specified
 SPENT_TIME Time spent on quiz.
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