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When a new iSpring Suite version is released, you will see a notification on the toolbar. The red number indicates how many updates have been released since the last time you updated. To get started, click the Update button on the toolbar and follow the steps of the update wizard.

  1. In the new window, you will see your currently installed version, the latest version, and a list of improvements and fixes in the update. Click Get update. 

  2. In the User Account Control click Yes, to continue.
  3. The update wizard will download the files of the new version. When the download is complete, close all QuizMaker windows and click Next

  4. Then, the wizard will install the update. 

  5. After installation is complete, click Get started to start using the latest version of iSpring Suite. 


Any updates available after your Maintenance Plan expires are available on a trial basis. If your Maintenance has expired, you will see a notification window. Just click Renew Maintenance on the toolbar to renew your subscription.

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